The investment world is expanding daily towards contributing to high-quality financial services. The company has decided to move forward with the vision of setting a careful strategic plan to acquire & develop investments through targeted regional and geographical expansions which will enable us to achieve financial results and profitable gains while exploring new horizons to benefit our shareholders.

Our firm is built on a strong foundation of both human and financial capital. A.I.I is a part of Kayan Royal Group, with years of combined experience. Our on-the-ground management team has extensive experience in the local market and a deep understanding of the challenges facing the companies in which we invest. As long-time and well-respected members of the investment community, we have been able to build strong brand equity in the market that makes the firm a partner of choice for target companies and advisors. 

We are proud of our workplace program which enables employees to grow and learn both professionally and personally, by engaging in various online team-building activities.

I express gratitude to our shareholders, managers, and employees, our leading force for their endeavors and immense effort in the accomplishments and success we gain as Asia Ibrahim Investments and for leading us to this level.  I strongly believe that in a short time we will be the employer people will be even more eager to work for. We continue to plan and work according to the plans set. Never forgetting to dream. To have a dream, passion and enthusiasm are crucial enablers for making success long term.